KIZOO Technology Ventures

KIZOO helps young start-up teams grow. We provide seed and early stage financing with a focus on SaaS, Internet & Mobile Services and Social Applications. Apart from our financial resources, we are happy to share our longtime experience in development, marketing and product management in those markets.


Early Stage Financing

We are looking for committed entrepreneurial teams with a clear focus to build high growth products. If you are looking for financing please feel free to send a presentation, a prototype login or anything else you think might be appropriate to highlight your venture to


A bit more early? We are happy to work with a few selected teams prior to financing on their case to develop a plan forward regarding market, product, organization and financing strategy. Take your chances to win us as a mentor and apply here.






Staffbase closes the intranet gap for non-desk workers. It is a ready-to-go SaaS solution to extend reach of internal communications to employees working outside the office, a group representing more than 2/3 of the global workforce. Employees can use the EmployeeApp on their own (private) smartphones which fundamentally reduces the costs of launching an intranet for them.  


Dienstplan, Zeiterfassung und Lohnabrechnung alles aus einer Hand

Shyftplan is an online shift-planning service which SMEs can use to organize and communicate with their employees. The organization and communication services are free. Additional a company administrator can quickly and easily create the payroll for all employees. Shyftplan, in comparison to a tax accountant, is about 70% cheaper for generating payrolls.



Mambu enables any financial institution to easily deliver state-of-the-art banking through its software-as-a-servcie cloud solution. Agile, flexible and open, Mambu eliminates the complexities typically associated with core banking software, at a fraction of the cost. Established in 2010, the Berlin­based company works more than 100 institutions in 30 countries worldwide. 



MegaZebra GmbH is developer and publisher of Social Games. Its platform allows users of social networks to play online games against their friends. Millions of games are being played by its users. Founded in 2008, MegaZebra has launched several category-leading titles, such as Mahjong Trails and Solitaire Castle.


rvl_2_2.pngREVL is a new kind of action camera, a better camera. One that allows you to enjoy the moment, knowing your footage will look great and you can spend less time editing and more time having fun. REVL wants to bring this camera to the world and build a stronger community of passionate, adventurous people who love sharing their adventures with the world.



Prescreen is an e-recruiting solution that enables organisations to optimise their recruiting process. The system helps HR departments in the advertising of Job vacancies, the search and recruitment process, as well as the interview and assessment of candidates.  


Tamyca_logo_small160.jpgTamyca is Germany's first and leading peer-to-peer carsharing marketplace, connecting car owners whose vehicles are sitting idle for most hours of the day with people who need a car. Providing a fully comprehensive insurance as well as all legal forms and documentations there is no hassle or risk for owners and renters.



Babbel is a new language learning website where users are worldwide participating in diverse interactive multimedia lessons and community features. Babbel is unique in its innovative combination of language instruction and online social networking. Users can team up with partners all over the world to teach each other their native languages, upload images for use in the lessons, chat and message with other users.



Suitepad is a new communication channel that brings hotels and their guests closer together, renders the guests’ experience even morecomfortable, and yields additional financial value for hotels. Not only a combined hardware and software solutions is offered to clients, but also the Suitepad solution provides access to many different hotel entertainment features such as movies, newspapers, and event tickets.


Umbono_logo_small_160.jpgUmbono is a technology startup incubator for South Africa launched by Google and a selected group of experienced Angel Investors including Michael Greve, the CEO of KIZOO. The incubator is aimed to provide seed-financing and an ideal workspace in Cape Town to founders with support from experienced angels and mentors to transform ideas into reality.



Biotech Ventures


oisin_logo_2.pngOisin is developing a genetically-targeted intervention to clear senescent cells. As a recent study has shown, clearing senescent cells both reduces negative effects of age-related diseases and also extends median lifespan by up to 35%. Oisin believes that the solution to mitigating the effects of age-related diseases is to directly repair the damage created by our aging process on a molecular and cellar level.






Michael Greve

Michael and his brother Matthias are probably two of the most successful founders in the German-speaking Internet industry. Among numerous ventures they founded and grew the site into one of Germany´s most successful flight booking destinations. (Sold to Otto Group). They launched and turned the service into the largest German last-minute travel site in Germany. (Sold to Most notably the brothers founded WEB.DE and, after successful IPO, grew the company to become one of Germany's largest Internet portals and online media businesses (sold to United Internet).


Matthias Hornberger

Matthias is CFO of Kizoo. He has been part of the senior management team since the IPO of the AG in 2000. With his long-standing experience in the investment sector and his comprehensive knowledge of typical features of successful business models on the Internet, he is a competent reference person for young founders. Matthias has extensive contacts in the high-tech industry and numerous local and national networks.


Frank Schüler

Frank is Managing Director of Kizoo. He has had top positions within the company for more than 15 years. Among his leads were the IPO of WEB.DE, the foundation of the WEB.DE Club, Web telecommunication and the premium pay offerings. Before he was a strategy consultant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Frank is M.Sc. (New York) and Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany.